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Climate Change with Scott Amyx

Get the latest insights on climate change and breakthrough technologies and innovations that are fighting climate change!

According to a United Nations climate change report, the evidence of human-caused climate change is overwhelming and continues to strengthen. The impacts of climate change are intensifying and climate-related threats to our physical, social, and economic well-being are rising at an unprecedented rate.

Widespread climate changes are causing extreme heat, severe drought, uncontrollable wildfires, catastrophic hurricanes and floods, rising sea levels, intensifying coral reef bleaching, migration of millions of people, violence over resources, famine, and diseases.


  • Mondays: Weekly in-depth interviews with prominent leaders in climate change action
  • Tuesdays - Thursdays: Daily 1-minute flash briefings
  • Fridays: Scott’s weekly recap
  • Climate change topics:
    • Latest findings and reports on climate change
    • Global and regional climate change policies
    • Changing consumer attitudes and behaviors
    • New technologies and innovation to combat climate change
    • Renewable energy and storage
    • Investment & economics in sustainable development projects
    • Best practices and tips on ways to reduce carbon footprint


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Jun 25, 2019

Interview with Dr. Walter Schindler, Founder of SAIL Capital Partners LLC & Board of Directors of Fulbright Canada and Chairman & CEO of Transformation LLC